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The STATE Tournament

In partnership with the greater valley high schools, The PAC Salem, and OAB Basketball; we are proud to announce the STATE championships in Salem.

Girls Feb. 23rd-25th, 2024
All Divisions
Boys  Mar. 1st-3rd, 2024
4th-8th Grade Division 1
Boys Mar. 8-10th, 2024
5th-8th Small School and Division 2

About State Championships

Through a partnership with OAB Basketball, and The PAC, The State Tournament was created to provide an opportunity for school based teams to compete with their peers from across the state in connection within the community of middle and high school programs.

With our work within the community, our goals for the State tournament is five fold:

  1.   Bring funding to local schools.  Sponsorships proceeds goes to schools.

  2.   Centralized state playoff games in Salem, Oregon.

  3.   Provide equity participation for all areas.

  4.   Reduce traveling cost for families

  5.   Highlight our student-athletes

The program consists of state qualifiers, seeding committees representing all areas of the state, and a grand end-of-the year state playoff event.  ​

What's new and why is it so exciting?


  •   Teams can qualify by winning a tournament or placing 2nd.

  •   Teams can qualify by being in the top 25 rankings in the respective division by Feb. 19th, 2024.


  • Teams are ranked based on qualifying game records.

  • Teams must play in our qualified events to be ranked.

All-Tournament Teams

  • Players will be selected at every qualifying tournaments.

  • All-League and MVPs will also be selected at the end of the season.


All-Star Selections

  • Coaches will select all-star players from their programs to represent their school at State.

  • A fun All-Star showcase event will take place during STATE to honor the players with their selection.  

Guaranteed to be Played!

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