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1.  What's all the buzz about?

  • State is now centralized to the greater valley (Salem and extended areas)

  • New features such as rankings, all-star recognition, and more

2.  Are there price reductions?

  • Yes, for early bird registrations.  $75 discount if paid by November 30th, $50 discount if paid by December 31st, $25 discount if paid by January 31st.  

3.  The weekly rankings are exciting!  When can we expect them?

  • Rankings will be updated every Tuesday night.

4.  How are All-Star selections being made?

  • Nominations and votes will be tallied from participating coaches.

5.  How does our team get a bid?

  • Win or place 2nd in any qualifying tournament

  • 1st or 2nd place in qualifying league as of February 12th

  • Top 25 end of season rankings

6.  How do we register for State?

  • Once you receive your bid it will have instructions on signing up for state.  An email will also go out to your team coordinator or head coach to start the eligibility process to submit your team.

7.  When are rosters due?  Friday, February 16, 2025 (Girls) and Friday, Feb 23rd, 2025 (Boys).

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