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​Thank you for partnering with the State Tourney as an official qualifier!  If you haven't done so, please sign and return the partnership agreement.  Please contact us if you don't have the partnership agreement.

Pre - Tournament Logistics


-  State Tourney will have both boys and girls grades 5th to 8th grade divisions in both Gold and Silver.

-  Based on your tournament setup, school based teams that place first or second will get an automatic state berth.  If there are Gold (A) and Silver (B) division, each teams placing first or second in those division will receive a berth since State will have both Gold and Silver divisions.

- If your tournament includes "club teams," and a club team beats a school team to reach the finals, it's up to your discretion to provide an automatic berth.  We recommend providing a berth to those teams that face club teams in the semi-finals.


- State Tourney is partnered with BallerTV.  We are testing BallerTV to see if we can capture both stats and potential streaming for your tournaments.  There are no cost to use BallerTV.  The only resource required is to setup the cameras/iPads and the person keeping fouls will also need to record the stats.  BallerTV will provide 40% of their revenues back to your tournament.


-  Roster checks will not be required for your tournaments.  Teams that qualify must submit roster eligibility to the State registration site.  

Day of Tournament Logistics

-  BallerTV setup will be sent directly to your email.


-  Foam fingers with State Bound graphics will be sent or delivered to you a week before your tournament.  You will receive 10 foam fingers per teams that could possibly qualify for State in your tournament.  

-  Qualifiers of State at your tournament will receive foam fingers with "State Bound" graphics.  Please capture a photo of the winners.  If 2nd place does not want to capture a photo, that is ok too.  Please email us at with the photos of the teams.  If you are unable to capture the photo, please contact the coaches, they usually have the photos. 

-  All-Tourney Team.  Here is the recommended process to capture All-Tourney Team.  On the score sheet, please add Game MVP for Team A and Game MVP for Team B.  After each game ends, we ask the coaches to put down the name/jersey number of the player who was their MVP as well as their opponents.  Once those are all captured, please send us all the names and our design team will make an All-Tourney Team graphics for you to publish on social media.  Another option is to email the coaches after the tournament and provide a 7pm deadline.  This option is not as efficient but can be an alternative.

-  Media.  We are building a collection of High School interns to capture hi quality video and photos for each tournament.  We recommend contacting your High School media department to see if any students would volunteer for your tournament weekend.  Once photos are captured, they can send to us to create a collage.

Post Tournament Logistics


-  Our team will follow up with your team on the list of qualifiers.  We will need coaches contact so we can immediately send them out the registration page for the State Tourney

-  Please send us all the scores and standings.  We will accumulate these into our Power Rankings.  Power Rankings will be updated mid-week after qualified tournaments are completed.  



Please contact Nick Larsen, Steve Adams, Hemingway or Ne'juan if you have additional questions/concerns.  


Get Ready for STATE !

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